Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race


Map 1: Kenduskeag
Map 2:
Gauging Station
Map 3:
Gravel Pit
Map 4:
Six Mile Falls
Map 5:
Bullseye Bridge
Map 6:

Here are some maps of the optional and mandatory portage points.
(Grateful paddlers have told me that these maps are especially helpful!)

Six Mile Falls - Optional Portage
Flour Mill Dam - Mandatory Portage
Maxfield Mill Dam - Mandatory Portage

Charlie Smith created this zoomable, annotated map of the race course and points of interest.
(Thanks to Charlie and also the good folks at MaCKRO).

Here's an older inverse overview map of the entire race course from Kenduskeag to Bangor.

University of Maine Orono graduate Barrett Nichols put together some nice photo maps in 2006 of the race course, the classes of rapids on the stream and a Six Mile Falls detail.
Barrett also included maps for parking and coffee shops near the stream.

Here's another map with simple directions to downtown Bangor (and Kenduskeag Plaza) from I-95. The finish line of the canoe race is in the canal near Kenduskeag Plaza, and public parking is nearby.

Do you need driving directions to the Town of Kenduskeag?

From Portland and points south, you can get to Kenduskeag via Newport (I-95 exit #161), and you then must connect to the Rt. 222 (aka The Stetson Road). Here is a map with directions.

From points north or south you can also get to Kenduskeag via the Broadway exit in Bangor (I-95 exit #185). Turn a right off of the exit to head north on Broadway (Rt. 15). Here is a map with directions.