Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race

Paddle Smart Symposium 2012


The 2012 Paddle Smart Symposium kicks off this Friday-Saturday-Sunday at the Bangor Auditorium.

The Bangor Boat Show is taking place at the same time, so now there's double the amount of fun!

There will be workshops, demos, Q&A sessions with paddlers (including Mackro, the Maine Canoe & Kayak Racing Organization) and more safety tips than you can shake a paddle at.

If you are new to the Kenduskeag this is a good opportunity to ask veteran paddlers about race prep and other nuggets of wisdom.

See you there!

PS - here's a downloadable/printable PDF file of the Paddle Smart poster.


Passy River Race: Fun In The Sun


The Passy River Race on Saturday was a blast. The weather was beautiful (I have a mild sunburn to prove it) and the water was truly inviting.

Over 100 paddlers participated this year. It was nice to see so many young paddlers involved in this year's race.

In part, this is clearly the result of hard work by the Maine Canoe & Kayak Racing Organization (MaCKRO) to engage young people in the sport of paddling. If the St. George and Passy River races are any indication, these efforts seem to be working!

I've posted some race photos here.

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St. George River Race Sees Nice Turnout


According to this Bangor Daily News article, over 100 paddlers took part in the St. George River Race earlier today. (The article also features a short video).

I've also posted my photos from the race here.

UPDATE: Full race results for the St. George have been posted! Download the document here. Courtesy of the Maine Canoe & Kayak Racing Organization (MaCKRO)


Baby, It's Cold Outside

A note from Jeff Owen, President of the Maine Canoe & Kayak Racing Organization (MaCKRO) on the eve of the season-opening St. George River Race:

Paddled the St. G with the clinic yesterday with a nice large group, experts and novices (and everything in between). The water level is awesome--most rocks covered, some really nice wave trains and eddy lines, but not too pushy. The race should be fun and fast.

BUT, please be extra cautious regarding proper clothing with the forecasted temperatures only in the teens or twenties for race time. Those are "dangerous cold" temperatures if you get wet anywhere where help is not immediately available. If you see paddlers on shore who have just swum, it'll be a good day to just automatically pull in and help (instead of the usual yell of "you okay?"). Let's be safe out there!


2009 Whitewater Season Begins Next Week


Update 3/29:
Great turnout (109 boats!) at the St. George River Race in Searsmont. (Photos)

Other races, spaced one week apart after the St. George, include the Passy River Race in Belfast and the Souadabscook Stream Race in Hampden. Mackro has posted a schedule of upcoming races.

Mackro President Jeff Owen wants to attract new paddlers to the sport in Maine. MaCKRO is hosting race clinics for all novice paddlers (and anybody else who wishes to participate). The St. George River clinic will be held this Friday, March 27th at 4pm. Read about the clinics here.

Also, if you are not a member of Mackro, consider joining. There is no fixed membership fee this year; you decide how much you would like to donate when you send in your membership form. Mackro is a good resource for beginning and advanced paddlers alike.


Looking Ahead To Some Other Canoe Races


The Kenduskeag was a great way for many paddlers to welcome in the spring season. So now what?

Well, there are plenty of other races held in Maine which are on the near horizon:

5/3 - Meduxnekeag River Race - (8 miles, Houlton)

And how about this one:

5/10 - 5/11 - Aroostook River 60 Mile Canoe & Kayak Race (60 miles, Ashland to Ft. Fairfield - can be completed in one or two days.)

For more information about all of these races and many other races held in Maine, please visit MaCKRO's race calendar.


Group Paddle Today, And You're Invited!

The general public is invited to participate in a hands-on "preview" of the whitewater sections of the Kenduskeag Stream today!

Meet up near the area where the Kenduskeag Stream enters the Penobscot River (near the Sea Dog) at 4pm. You and your boat will be shuttled to Six Mile Falls, and you can paddle your way back to town under the guidance and tutelage of experienced paddlers who will go at your pace and skill level. Bring a dry change of clothes for when you get back to town!

This event is hosted by MaCKRO, the Maine Canoe & Kayak Racing Organization.

PS - on race day (Saturday) a special open house event will take place at the Sea Dog restaurant following the race, at 3pm. There will be snacks and live entertainment provided for anyone who wishes to attend after the race. And if you'd like to join MaCKRO, a special introductory rate of just five bucks will get you there.


8th Annual Paddle Smart Canoe & Kayak Symposium - 4/12/08


The 2008 Paddle Smart Symposium will take place on Saturday, April 12th from 5-9:30pm at the Bangor YMCA.

Paddle Smart is all about safety on the water. There will be many Q&A sessions with guest speakers as well as watercraft safety demos in the pool.

Paddle Smart 2008 will include special discussions and demos to better prepare you for the Kenduskeag!

If you plan to do the Kenduskeag this year and you're a newbie (heck, even if you're not) there will be "presentations on equipping your canoe for the race, race strategy (for those more serious about getting down river in a hurry) and skills presentations on how to get out of the river in the event of a capsize", according to Jeff Strout of the Bangor Daily News.

As if that isn't enough of an incentive to attend Paddle Smart, consider that a $5 donation at the door will get you TWO tickets for a sea kayak drawing (at 9pm). Donations are optional, and there are many free door prizes as well.

Also, anyone interested in becoming a member of the Maine Canoe and Kayak Racing Organization (MaCKRO) will be able to do so at a special introductory rate of just $5.

For more information about Paddle Smart 2008, visit the Paddle Smart web page hosted by Castine Kayak. And there is this article by Jeff Strout in the Bangor Daily News.

One last note: this year, Paddle Smart will be held at the YMCA on Second Street in Bangor, and not at the Hammond Street location as in previous years.

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