Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race

April Showers (Yes, Please!)


USGS water gauge - Kenduskeag

Some people are expressing concern about the water levels of the Kenduskeag (and other streams) this year. Which is understandable, because most of Maine has seen a very mild winter with what seems like very little precipitation. Especially lately!

But the stream remains passable as of this writing. And water levels fluctuate rapidly on the Kenduskeag going one way or the other, so for now I suggest that we relax, keep an eye on things, and hope for the best. And don't believe any wild rumors you might hear about the race being cancelled. It hasn't been cancelled.

It might help to know that several long-range weather forecasts call for rainy days leading up to race day. According to one forecast, it might even be rainy on race day itself! I usually take these long-range forecasts with a grain of salt, but who knows?

Let's keep an eye on it and keep our fingers crossed for rain if the stream continues its downward slope. There's no way to know how much rain we will get, if we will get any at all, or how it will affect the stream at this point. I'll post updates here as well as on the Kenduskeag Facebook page as we get closer to race day.

Here's the link to the USGS water gauge for the Kenduskeag


Water Gauge And Stream Levels

St. George River ice, Maine - photo by Michael Alden

We've seen a fair amount of snow here in Maine this winter (and we may be due for even more this Saturday - yep, it almost always snows in April here!)

It is difficult to say how this will affect stream levels for this year's Kenduskeag. I usually do not bother to check on the stream conditions until a few days just before the race. To do so now would be pointless as the water levels change from day to day, let alone week to week.

There is a water gauge at Six Mile Falls, however. The USGS installed a new water gauge last year (the old water gauge had been deactivated for many years due to budget constraints). You may view the data online on this USGS water gauge page for the Kenduskeag.

Heavy rains just ahead of the race always seem to help; we'll see how things are shaping up in about 12 days, when I post the walking tour "stream report".

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