Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race

Group Paddle Today, And You're Invited!

The general public is invited to participate in a hands-on "preview" of the whitewater sections of the Kenduskeag Stream today!

Meet up near the area where the Kenduskeag Stream enters the Penobscot River (near the Sea Dog) at 4pm. You and your boat will be shuttled to Six Mile Falls, and you can paddle your way back to town under the guidance and tutelage of experienced paddlers who will go at your pace and skill level. Bring a dry change of clothes for when you get back to town!

This event is hosted by MaCKRO, the Maine Canoe & Kayak Racing Organization.

PS - on race day (Saturday) a special open house event will take place at the Sea Dog restaurant following the race, at 3pm. There will be snacks and live entertainment provided for anyone who wishes to attend after the race. And if you'd like to join MaCKRO, a special introductory rate of just five bucks will get you there.


Profiles In Paddling: Reinhard Zollitsch

Nice article in the Bangor Daily news this past weekend about solo sea canoe adventurer Reinhard Zollitsch. (read the article here)

Last year I helped Reinhard develop a website which chronicles his epic solo trips on the open ocean in a Verlen Kruger SEA WIND canoe. The website features Reinhard's travel writing and photography spanning twelve years. Truly, an inspiration on many levels.

At 68 years young, Reinhard's next solo trip will take him to the western shores of Newfoundland this summer. A veteran of the Kenduskeag, Reinhard plans to do the 2008 race with his daughter Brenda, a race veteran in her own right.

Grab your favorite beverage and visit Zollitsch Canoe Adventures. There is much to read and think about in this website. This is a good one to bookmark.

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