Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race

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Maxfield Mill Dam (Mandatory Portage)


Portage Update: Maxfield Mill Dam Area


As some of you know, there is construction underway at the Valley Avenue bridge, a project which is scheduled to last into June.

There have been some concerns about the construction site and materials impeding the mandatory portage at the Valley Avenue intersection area (known as the Maxfield Mill Dam). Plastic fencing, rebar rods and work trailers are in the path of the portage, for example.

However, Parks & Recreation and a supervisor at the construction site have both mentioned that there's no reason for concern. A path will be cleared through the construction site and the area will be made safe for a portage on race day. No worries!
PS - the water looked GREAT today! Should be a blast. Remember to preregister if you haven't already.

Thanks to Clayton Cole and Pat Davis for providing info.

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