Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race

The Sou & The Marsh

Maine's Whitewater Weekend was a blast (as it always is). Cloudy skies and cooler temperatures didn't deter these hardy paddlers. (Or is it 'hearty'? I was never clear about this, and a Google search for the correct usage is of no help because other people seem to be equally perplexed....)

Souadabsook Stream Canoe Race
Held in Hampden, this is often a wild and woolly ride! The stream seemed to be at a nice level this year. Last year, it was a bit too much, and many people portaged the trickier areas. But not so this year - people seemed to take glee in "tackling" the tricky areas and it looked like a good time was had by all.
65 registrations this year at the Sou, according to this Bangor Daily News article.

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Marsh Stream Canoe Race
Why this particular race isn't 10x more popular than it is, I'll never know! I really enjoy watching this particular race, so I'll have to get out the boat and take a shot at it next time around.

The Marsh is one of those "dark horse" whitewater river races - it seems to slip under the radar for whatever reason. I don't know if this is because it falls on a Sunday (although there's a generous 1:30pm start time) or of it's because the race falls on the heels of the Souadabscook in Hampden. Back-to-back races aren't for everybody, and some people have to choose one race over another when they schedule their weekends.

All I can say is that if any of you whitewater enthusiasts out there haven't heard much about this race before, take a closer look next time. The whitewater "season" in Maine is short enough as it is; don't let these well-directed races fall by the wayside. This race is too good for that.

Kudos to the Penobscot Paddle & Chowder Society for safety work on this race - these folks really have their act together! I'm going to become a member of PP&CS.

Here's a crib sheet for future reference. The exact dates will vary, but the spring whitewater race schedule (ahead of the Kenduskeag) is usually as follows:

Last Saturday of March - St. George River Race, Searsmont
First Saturday of April - Passy River Race, Belfast
2nd weekend of April - Souadabscook Stream Canoe Race, Hampden
2nd weekend of April - Marsh Stream Canoe Race, Winterport
3rd Saturday of April - Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race

PS - I've posted my pics of both the Souadabscook Stream Canoe race here, and the Marsh Stream Canoe race here. Hope you enjoy them!


Stream Conditions Report Coming Soon


UPDATE 4/14:

I walked along portions of the stream today and will post photos and comments tomorrow. I simply ran out of time this evening! But in a nutshell, I would say that the stream is on the low side of medium, and I would characterize the flow as "mellow". The water levels are certainly good enough for a fun race and at the same time the conditions are mild enough to appeal to first time paddlers looking to take part this Saturday. An easygoing stream this year in many respects, and we can expect it to drop even further before race day. More on this tomorrow.

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If you have scouted the stream (especially the rapids) please write in the comments area about your impressions and observations. People from out of town - in fact, out of the country - will be grateful.

PS - the shot above was taken at the Marsh Stream Canoe Race near Frankfort/Winterport. Nice race on an Easter Sunday. It was the second leg of the "Maine Whitewater Weekend", with the first leg being the Souadabscook Stream Canoe Race on Saturday. Keep it in mind for next year if you weren't there!

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Kountdown To The Kenduskeag


If the Passy River Race was an indication of things to come, the Kenduskeag could be a wild & wooly ride. We'll have to keep an eye on the local precipitation over the next twelve days.

Next up: The Souadabscook Stream Canoe Race and the Marsh Stream Sprint/Race, next Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

By the way, here are my photos from the Passy last Saturday.

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Souadabscook Stream Race Highlight Reel


I've posted an 8-minute "highlight reel" video of the 2007 Souadabscook Stream Canoe Race on BlipTV.
Click here to watch the video.

Also, here is an article about the Sou race from the Bangor Daily News.
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Souadabscook Stream Race 2006


The Souadabscook Sprint & Canoe Race was held as planned this weekend in Hampden, ME. Nice to see that it wasn't cancelled.

Here's a news story about the race from the Bangor Daily News.

Congratulations to Jeff Sands!

Last but not least, here's a link to my 2006 Sou photo galleries.

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