Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race

Occupational Hazards

Camera rig by the side of a stream - photo by Michael Alden

So I had a good time at the Souadabscook Stream Canoe Race today, snapping photos of all the paddlers who had a rather tough time negotiating a tricky (but fun) set of rapids.

There's always an element of risk involved whenever a photographer brings expensive camera gear close to a body of water. A paddler cruised by and carelessly threw a gallon or more of water all over me and my camera rig while bailing his canoe. As a result, my 300mm telephoto lens isn't working, and it will have to be sent to Nikon for repairs.

(The photo above is of my actual camera rig by the stream - I took this snapshot just minutes before being completely doused.)

It was a honest mistake, of course. The paddler didn't even see me and so he has no idea that he totally ruined my day. And I should have placed some sort of protection over my lens to make it a bit more waterproof. I know better, but oh well. Live and learn.

By the way, check out my website for Maine whitewater races,, and you'll find photo galleries from these whitewater events leading up to the Kenduskeag!

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