Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race

15 Seconds of Fame: A Racer's Guide to Grabbing the Spotlight

Update 4/11/06: No TV coverage of the race this year due to low water! Six Mile Falls is likely to be a portage for many folks. So perhaps this guide can be applied in 2007.

Just a few thoughts as we count down the days to April 15. (I can't believe there are less than 30 days left until the race. And I really can't believe that it's almost been one year since the last race.)

If you are planning to do the canoe race this spring, and if you would like to grab a little media attention for yourself at Six Mile Falls, here are some suggestions:

1) Do not portage Six Mile Falls under any circumstances.

2) Wipe out at the falls. Not intentionally, of course. But nothing gets camera shutters snapping like a colossal spill into the stream. And remember, the race is televised. TV crews love a good wipeout as much as anyone else. I believe WABI TV 5 - a CBS affiliate - is covering the race. Remember to set the VCR or Tivo or whatever back home.

3) Wear an unusual costume. This is a surefire way to turn heads and camera lenses all along the course of the stream, not only at Six Mile Falls. Double extra dog dare points if you wear an oddball costume AND wipe out at the falls!

4) Short of wearing a wacky prop or costume, you can always deck out your watercraft with an eye-catching prop or ornament. The more inexplicable the prop, the better. I mean, can anyone tell me what THIS is all about:

I don't know what that thing is, but notice I have a photo of it. And I was glad to see it coming down the stream. In a traditional canoe race such as the Kenduskeag, it's always refreshing to see a little character and creativity here and there.

So there you have it. Three tried and true ways to grab the spotlight for your 15 seconds of fame. See you at the stream!

PS - Remember, you can pre-register for the race by downloading this form and mailing it in as soon as possible (deadline is April 14th at 1pm).

PSS - Also keep an eye out for the Paddling Picture Show at a Maine college campus near you.

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