Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race

College Students: Compete For Your School!

(originally posted 3/27/06)

Although it is missing from the 2006 race registration form, there's a new College Division for the 2006 Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race (and this new College Division is applicable to all MaCKRO points races throughout this season.)

College students may compete on behalf of their respective schools for the ultimate prize: The College Cup.

You must be a member of MaCKRO (Maine Canoe & Kayak Racing Association) to compete in the College Division. There are special membership group rates available for colleges. Contact MaCKRO for more information.

Canoe race organizer Matt Dingle relayed this message:

"Only one, Unity College, has contacted me about their club joining. They did make some comment about the other colleges around here not knowing how to paddle, having buggy whip arms and that they would probably float down the stream backwards, puking in fear. But the message wasn't real clear."

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