Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race



The puppy is going back into hibernation until February 2011.

Normally I shutter up the blog in May, but I'm getting an early start this year because Bangor Parks & Recreation has already released the 2010 race results.

Couple of notes before I cast off:

Prints & photos can be purchased from my website year round. Visit my Kenduskeag race photo galleries anytime!

There were many other photographers "working" the race this year and I think that's great. It gives the paddlers many more choices. In my particular case, it's the print sales which keep the Kenduskeag website running, so I appreciate your support!

The Facebook page for the Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race was a resounding success. As of this writing, over 950 people became "fans" of the page. Thanks to everyone who posted pictures, videos, comments and questions.

Check out the other canoe & kayak races in Maine on the MaCKRO website. I plan to participate in some of these races throughout the summer (in addition to all of the recreational tripping I do on rivers and lakes).

Hope to see you next year. Until then, keep your paddle in the water!

- Michael Alden

To Darren Gray in Moncton, NB: the sleeping pup will wake up again before you know it.

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