Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race

Stream Conditions Report #1 - Kenduskeag and Souadabscook

Here's a stream levels report which can be taken with a grain of salt, but I've decided to post it anyway as I am receiving many queries from out-of-towners looking to do the race. They want a general idea as to what they can expect this year, so here goes!

Much can change between now and April 19 as we know. There's still a good amount of snow and ice to melt off, and we may be in for a rainy weekend. We'll have to see how much rain we get during the week leading up to the race. It's worth noting that many veteran paddlers do not even bother to scout the stream until a day or two before the race. Yup, it can change that quickly. Therefore, a final stream conditions report will be posted on the eve of the race (Friday). Stay tuned!

But just for kicks, here are some videos of the Kenduskeag stream as of Thursday, April 10:

Six Mile Falls Video - My initial observation is that it's looking good. Not quite as high as last year, although as with last year, there is some noticeable flooding in the field near the Hudson Road where the vultures usually gather. While the flooding is not as bad as it was last year, it could limit spectator access. Lots of ice chunks coasting through. (Pat Davis could probably give us a better insight as he lives nearby and knows the stream well).

Shopping Cart Video - Water level is high enough that you can't stand on the banks easily, and there's a good swift current at the Shopping Cart but not as much of of that "hungry hydro scary water" that we saw last year. (Here's a photo from last year to give you an idea). As a side note, I'm told the Valley Stream bridge is undergoing renovations and will be out of service until June. Also, the parking area closest to the Shopping Cart (down the road from the Harlow Street Bridge) is torn up and closed off - so parking is not available there. Keep this in mind if you need someone to pick you up in that area after a trial run of the stream.

Flour Mill Video - This is a mandatory portage, so it's nothing a paddler would worry about. I just thought I'd toss it in here for the heck of it. Note that the boulder in midstream in this video was completely submerged at this time last year, so the water levels, while very good, are not as high this time around. For now, anyway!

Souadabscook Stream Video - Last but not least, if you are doing the Souadabscook Stream Canoe race (aka "The Sou") the day after tomorrow, I've included a short video from the Emerson Mill bridge. Lookin' good! I think this will be a fun race. A lot of the rocks are covered nicely, seems to be a good strong current there. There was a choppy section just downstream from the bridge with some decent standing waves. Can't remember if it was like that last year or not.

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Profiles In Paddling: Reinhard Zollitsch

Nice article in the Bangor Daily news this past weekend about solo sea canoe adventurer Reinhard Zollitsch. (read the article here)

Last year I helped Reinhard develop a website which chronicles his epic solo trips on the open ocean in a Verlen Kruger SEA WIND canoe. The website features Reinhard's travel writing and photography spanning twelve years. Truly, an inspiration on many levels.

At 68 years young, Reinhard's next solo trip will take him to the western shores of Newfoundland this summer. A veteran of the Kenduskeag, Reinhard plans to do the 2008 race with his daughter Brenda, a race veteran in her own right.

Grab your favorite beverage and visit Zollitsch Canoe Adventures. There is much to read and think about in this website. This is a good one to bookmark.


2008 Kenduskeag TV & Internet Coverage


WABI-TV5 Bangor (CBS affiliate) will be broadcasting the race from the bridge at Six Mile Falls this year, and there will be a live internet stream available at for $9.95.

To get you stoked, there's a video clip of an Old Town Canoe advertisement combined with a short WABI-TV race promo here.


8th Annual Paddle Smart Canoe & Kayak Symposium - 4/12/08


The 2008 Paddle Smart Symposium will take place on Saturday, April 12th from 5-9:30pm at the Bangor YMCA.

Paddle Smart is all about safety on the water. There will be many Q&A sessions with guest speakers as well as watercraft safety demos in the pool.

Paddle Smart 2008 will include special discussions and demos to better prepare you for the Kenduskeag!

If you plan to do the Kenduskeag this year and you're a newbie (heck, even if you're not) there will be "presentations on equipping your canoe for the race, race strategy (for those more serious about getting down river in a hurry) and skills presentations on how to get out of the river in the event of a capsize", according to Jeff Strout of the Bangor Daily News.

As if that isn't enough of an incentive to attend Paddle Smart, consider that a $5 donation at the door will get you TWO tickets for a sea kayak drawing (at 9pm). Donations are optional, and there are many free door prizes as well.

Also, anyone interested in becoming a member of the Maine Canoe and Kayak Racing Organization (MaCKRO) will be able to do so at a special introductory rate of just $5.

For more information about Paddle Smart 2008, visit the Paddle Smart web page hosted by Castine Kayak. And there is this article by Jeff Strout in the Bangor Daily News.

One last note: this year, Paddle Smart will be held at the YMCA on Second Street in Bangor, and not at the Hammond Street location as in previous years.

* * * * * *

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Four Whitewater Races Just Around The Bend


Today is the first day of spring. Technically. And here are four races in Maine leading up to the Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race on April 19.

Saturday, March 29 - St. George River Race (Searsmont) - 11am. Three miles of dead water, 1-mile rapids, 2-miles dead water and curves with one Class III drop. This race has Class II-III rapids + or - depending on the water level. Phone 338-4598.

Editor's Note 3/30/08: St. George River Race photos and video have been posted on the Village Soup website.

Saturday, April 5 - Passy River Race (Belfast) - 11am. Race starts at the Littlefield Farm, first mile is flat water with many curves. Course passes under a cement bridge to another mile of flat water followed by a short stretch of Class II rapids. A 2-mile stretch of flat water to the Rolerson’s bridge, then Class I, II and III whitewater for a mile and a half, leading to a flat-water stretch to the finish. Phone 338-4598.

NOTE: for the St. George River Race, organizer Dale Cross provided this additional information:

- The St. George River is ready to be run and at a very safe level as of Tuesday, March 18.
- Free hats available to all who register.
- Free DVDs of the race to all who register
- Local cable broadcast (16,000 homes) of the race in the days and weeks following the race
- Special awards / classes for high school / college paddlers and for newcomer paddlers

And for the Passy River Race, Dale provided this additional information:

- Free longsleeve t-shirts available to all who register.
- Free DVDs of the race to all who register
- Free lunch following the race for all who register
- Local cable broadcast (16,000 homes) of the race in the days and weeks following the race
- Special awards / classes for high school / college paddlers and for newcomer paddlers

Saturday, April 12 - Souadabscook Stream Canoe Sprint/Race (Hampden)
9am (sprint), 12pm (race). Phone 234-4521.

Sunday, April 13 - Marsh Stream Sprint and Race (Frankfort - Winterport Snowmobile Club) 9am (sprint), 12pm (race).
Phone 234-2510.

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2008 Kenduskeag Registration Form Now Available Online


Unbelievably, the 2008 whitewater season is almost upon us, and this blog is now officially out of hibernation.

Bangor Department of Parks & Recreation released the 2008 Kenduskeag race registration form. Download it here.

It is wise to preregister for the race if at all possible. Registering early saves you money ($18 per paddler as opposed to $30 per paddler). Plus you won't have to sweat the registration process early in the morning on race day.

Preregistration forms are accepted at Bangor Parks & Recreation until 1pm on Friday, April 18. Race day registration is scheduled for 6:30am to 7:30am SHARP on April 19.

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Timeline of the Kenduskeag

I created a timeline of the Kenduskeag Stream Canoe race using Bee Doc's Timeline (for Mac OSX), a software application which allows you to create gorgeous, professional looking timelines for various purposes.

Here is the link to my Kenduskeag Timeline.

PS -the software developer of Bee Doc's Timeline, Adam Behringer, did a writeup of this on his blog.

* * * * *

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The Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race Blog is in hibernation until
March, 2008.

The archives will remain open if you'd like to take a look back, including the Lost & Found section.

Print orders for race photos are accepted all year long through the Kenduskeag site.

Hope to see you on the Kenduskeag next year (April 19th, 2008).
Until then, keep your paddle in the water!

2007 Race Results Are Now Online (UPDATED)


Bangor Dept. of Parks & Recreation released the 2007 Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race results the other day.

I have archived the results on my website here.

In addition, you may download the results in both MS Excel and PDF formats. (Special thanks to Jeff Houser for his help and technical expertise!)

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Lost & Found Section


Did you lose anything during the Kenduskeag?

Find something?

Post your comments here for others to see.
Thanks to all who contribute to this thread.

Originally posted on 4/23/07, I have "bumped" this post back up to the top as it remains popular.

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