Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race

2014 Race Results Now Available!



WABI-TV5 will NOT be covering the Kenduskeag this year. Normally WABI broadcasts live from the bridge at Six Mile Falls, but with low water levels and the expectation that many paddlers will likely portage the area altogether, they've pulled the plug.

Reports are filtering in with regard to the stream today. Some are saying it's "runnable" but "bumpy". Prepare to scrape some rocks. Jumping out to pull your boat through certain sections seems unavoidable. And with little rain in the forecast there's little reason to think this will change before Saturday.

Which isn't to say that people won't find way to have a good time. They will!


Photos From The 2014 Race


Oh boy. I couldn't catch a break this year. The shortened race course meant that I was out of luck when it came to setting up at the Shopping Cart.

I tried to set up at a few other spots along the stream but for various reasons (mostly involving high water and distance) I came up short.

So I'm sorry to report that I have no photos of the 2014 race. However, here's a list of photographers who might be able to help you out:

(Please contact these photographers directly.)

Michele Barker Photography
Ryan Saucier/SWR Photography (Flickr set)
James & Robin Ogden Photography
Whittling Fog Photography
GeorgerinNH (Flickr set)
Judy Weatherbee (Flickr set)

Also - Judy Weatherbee, Bill Knight, Anthony DelMonaco and others have posted photo galleries which are linked on the Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race Facebook page.
So if you are on Facebook, do check it out!

I hope to see you next year. Until then, keep your paddle in the water.

- Mike

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Kenduskeag Lost And Found


If you lost anything during the race or if you found something that belongs to somebody else, you can try posting your info in the comments here.

Bangor Parks & Recreation may be able to help too - (207) 992-4490.

Thanks, and good luck!

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2014 Kenduskeag Shortened; Ends At Flour Mill

From the Twitter page of Bangor Dept. of Parks & Recreation:

Incoming tides and difficulties with bridges are cited as the reason for the course change.

The Flour Mill is the first mandatory portage racers encounter on the Kenduskeag (not far from
the I-95 overpass). Here is an overview map.

Update: Release from Bangor Dept. of Parks & Recreation:

Kenduskeag Canoe Race Participants:
- The finish line has been moved to Valley Ave. Park at the Flour Mill portage due to the high tides which will make the bridges downtown impossible to pass under.
- MUST take out immediately after the Finish Line
- Food tent, heating tent and transportation back to Kenduskeag will all be at Valley Ave. Park
Thank you and have a fun and safe race!

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Kenduskeag Roundup: Insights & Video

John Holyoke's recent "Kenduskeag Rages" post in the BDN pretty much says it all.
Compared with the runoff of recent years, it's safe to say that the Kenduskeag is raging. Truly. (Although 2007 seemed even "rage-ier" to me somehow, if that makes any sense.)

There's more.

Ray Wirth of Water Walker Sea Kayaks (Belfast, ME) paddled the Kenduskeag from Six Mile Falls to an area known as the Shopping Cart, and he shot an exciting helmet-cam video while doing so. Anyone who has (or will) sign up for the 2014 race should appreciate this.

During his stoke-worthy ride, Ray provides many insightful comments as he demonstrates what paddlers can expect on Saturday. It's an inspired way to preview some of the trickier parts of the Kenduskeag.

My own thoughts? Steer clear of strainers. Those overhanging or overreaching branches, brambles and bushes. You do not want find your boat snagged up in "the sticks" with such a forceful current. I always get a bit anxious when it comes to streams or rivers that have overflowed their banks.

Also, the mandatory portages require attention, especially Maxfield Mill. The rescue personnel will be on top of this, not to worry - and the mandatory portages are well-signed and managed. Still, if you aren't 100% sure what I'm talking about here, check out the mandatory portage points that I have mapped out on my website.

PS - I think Ray's paddle is best viewed in full screen. You can almost feel it:

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TV Coverage Of The 2014 Kenduskeag


WABI-TV5 (CBS) in Bangor is delivering Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race goodness right into your home from the bridge overlooking Six Mile Falls.

Coverage is from 10am to Noon.

The race begins at 8:30am on Saturday, April 19th.
(The first paddlers usually arrive at Six Mile Falls around 10am-ish.)

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Souadabscook A Preview Of Things To Come?


WABI posted this video from their evening news about last Saturday's Souadabscook Stream canoe race in Hampden.

The water is pretty high and pretty fast. A full stream report will be posted here on Thursday afternoon, so be sure to check back!


Preliminary Stream Report - 4/10/14


(larger view of the photo above)

My, how things have changed in a week!

And things will change even more before the race, so just take this early glimpse of the stream with a grain of salt. A teaser, if you will.

The Kenduskeag Stream is icing out nicely, with a current average height of 9.5 feet. The cfs? That's unclear at the moment as the USGS water gauge at the Kenduskeag currently reports "ice".

Let's put it this way, the water is moving. And there's still a lot of snowpack which has yet to melt.

There were "bergy bits" floating downstream but nothing major, although at one point I mistook a small iceberg for a white kayak. Whoops.

But it's the portage trails and the river vulture (spectator) areas which are troublesome. Seems like the paths and viewing areas are either frozen, flooded, or mushy-muddy.

I'll check back in another week. It was a nice spring day along the stream with a good number of Canada geese along Griffin Road.

PS - here's a short video clip of the area known as the Shopping Cart rapids, closer to Bangor - it gives you a small sense of the current flow: (Quicktime video - 4/10/14)

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2 Weeks 2 Go


Only two weeks remain until the 48th Annual Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race.

Remember, if you haven't preregistered, it's a very good idea. Saves you half the money and at least twice the time!

Download the 2014 registration form here.

PS - special thanks to Darren Gray of New Brunswick, Canada for the snowman crew pics!

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