Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race

2016 Race Results (Final)


Here are the final race results for the 2016 Kenduskeag.


2016 Canoe Race Photos


Here's a list of photographers who captured images at the 50th Anniversary Kenduskeag.

What a beautiful spring day it was!

If you took photos at the race and would like to share them with others, please
send me a note with a link to your pics and I will add your name to this list.

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Michele Barker Photography

Troy Malavé Photography (Facebook page)

Orwin SantaCruz Photography

Whittling Fog Photography

Bill Knight Photography (Facebook album)

Michael Alden
(proceeds keep the canoe race website up and running)

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Lost & Found Box


If you have lost something during the course of the race or if you've found something belonging to someone else, feel free to leave comments here in the hopes that people can be reunited with their belongings.

Thank you!

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50 Years: A Golden Milestone


WABI-TV5 posted this video of the founders of the Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race, Sonny Colburn and the late Lew Gilman, in which the two discuss the origins of the race in 1967.

Over 30,000 paddlers have participated in the Kenduskeag since 1967. Canoe race decals and t-shirts have been spotted in Australia, Alaska, Kenya and the Philippines.

Bangor Parks and Recreation, along with countless volunteers and safety personnel, have put decades of hard work into making this dream come true - a dream that began with a phone call between these two gentlemen: Lew "Spook" Gilman (left) and Ed "Sonny" Colburn.

Congratulations to all involved on reaching this historic milestone.

In Sonny's words: "I wish (Lew) was still here...I want everyone to have a good time and smile. Even if they get wet!"


Stream Level Predictions And News


Predicting the stream levels of the Kenduskeag on race day is something of a pastime among veteran paddlers.

Seasoned paddler Ray Wirth of Belfast weighs in with his thoughts on the stream conditions for the 2016 race.

Weather forecast for race day? Sunny in the mid to high 50s. In other news, the Kenduskeag race committee has completed its final meeting ahead of the race. All systems are go!

UPDATE: two short news items from WABI-TV5 and WLBZ, respectively:
"Stream levels look good for everyone". (WABI video / WLBZ video)


TV Coverage / Zip Kellogg Feature


WABI-TV5 will broadcast from the bridge at Six Mile Falls beginning at 10am this Saturday. (That's about the time the first paddlers appear at the rapids.)

Speaking of TV, Bill Green did a story on legendary paddler Zip Kellogg via WLBZ. Here's a link to the 2:40 video.

PS - one more friendly reminder that the deadline for preregistration is THIS Friday
(April 15) at 1pm
. So if you haven't preregistered for the race, go here.

If you decide to register on the morning of the race, it takes place at the park in the town of Kenduskeag from 6:30am til 7:30am.


BDN Special Insert Plus T-Shirt Preview!


The Kountdown to the Kenduskeag kontinues! (Sorry about that.)

Just a friendly reminder that the deadline for preregistration is next Friday (April 15) at 1pm.
So if you haven't preregistered for the race, go here.

The Bangor Daily News put together a special insert in today's print edition. It features photos and race history including the origins of this 50 year-old tradition. (If you missed out on today's print edition the insert will also be available at the race.)

Inside this featurette you'll find a sneak peek at the 2016 canoe race T-shirt, designed by
Debbie Gendreau. Looks sharp, Debbie!


Two Weeks To Go / Canoe Raffle


The Kountdown to the Kenduskeag has begun! There are less than two weeks remaining until the historic 50th Anniversary race on April 16.

If you haven't preregistered for the race, go here.

To buy raffle tickets for a brand new Old Town NEXT canoe, go here.

Raffle tickets may be purchased online or at the race on April 16.
(Proceeds benefit Bangor Parks & Recreation summer camp activities.)

More to come....

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